Under Committed and Out Played

Good article, the only thing missing from it was the highlighting this wasn’t a one off. For the last two seasons we have witnessed a gradual and alarming decline with players who are simply not good enough pulling on our shirt.

Failure to recognise the need for new blood has allowed players totally off it to keep a place. Sunday was the inevitable consequence of that strategy.

Lustig, Hayes, Johnson, Burke should never be on the park. The fact they were shows you were we are. Tactics formations etc will continue to be shit, if the players picked to carry them out aren’t good enough. We have too many starting who can’t cut it.

We could see the decline, it worries me greatly to think what the fuck the board and Rogers were thinking watching us these last two seasons. Everybody and their aunty could see us deteriorate. Well everybody apart from them.

We go into the summer and CL and 9 in a row and in January how did we respond to these challenges? Signed Shved and immediately loaned him out.

No replacement for Lustig. No replacement for Boyata. No one to help us be more creative and attacking in midfield oh, and Bayo, who has had about 10 minutes.

We know why we are we’re we are. A self inflicted head shot from a board of shitebags and a manager who bought fannies by the job lot.

Wave goodbye to that complacency or wave goodbye to 9iar never mind 10. Same for the CL. Our true hope of continued domination.

Even our board of risk averse balloons must now see what they need to do. If they don’t this will never be forgiven. Not by me anyway.