Unquiet Graves.


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Last week I read The Twelve Apostles by Tim Pat Coogan about the Hit Squad that wiped out British Intelligence in Ireland.
The book had a great link to website in Ireland called Bureauofmilitaryhistory.i.e.
It has loads of first hand accounts( collected in the 1950s) from the men and women who took part in the War of Independence and the Civil War.
If ye have an interest in Irish history it's well worth checking out.


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not sure if this is the documentary but it was uploaded on YouTube yesterday

and I suspect it will be pulled down if its the right documentary

just started watching linked link just incase anybody interested



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Just watched No Stone Unturned
Frustrating and infuriating, when you see what the British Government will do to cover up
WM has it's own agenda, and they could care less, about the blood on their hands
Thanks for the heads up about the documentary