Up the Hibs!


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Type: Create A Bet
Settled: No
Total Stake: £5.00
Estimated Returns: £140.00
Void: No
Rangers v HibernianBoth Teams To ScoreYesWon
Rangers v HibernianMatch ResultHibernianN/A
Rangers v HibernianFirst Half ResultHibernianWon
Rangers v Hibernian2-Way Corners NEW - Over/Under 8.5Over 8.5 CornersN/A


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Ha Ha Ha
Good Morning Bhoys & Ghirls
I didn't bother checking the score, as I figured the Masons in black, would help them get through to the Final
A great way to start a Sunday morning, swimming through HUN tears
Save the George Square benches !!!

Well done the Hibees
There's Sunshine on Leith this morning

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John nó

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Well fuck the hibbes anyway, only turned on at h/t when I seen the score.
Now due to there fantastic preformance, I'm left with a burnt ham and chicken, with a new saucepan needed, but at least the smoke alarm is working just to piss the neighbours off 😂
May go hungry now but will take a lot more than a burnt chicken to wipe the smile off my coupon now 💚


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Working the day 2 Huns 2 Hobbies 1 motorbike fan 1 Fenian Barsteward (me)
I was the only one who had Hobs ti win
They all said Skintco to win I even picked the score.
To be fair the auld daft cunt stopped when
AussieBoyle pit the 3 in the net.
The 2 Hunfuds were very quiet there pain was so good I probably went to far 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏 naw it didnae
Canny wait till daylight. think it’s gonna be a long long day the Huns are going down
Smell the Fear it’s defuckingliceous

HH 😂

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