Usain Bolt scores twice on professional debut


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Thought this was worth sharing as i didn't know that he had a professional contract and from what i'd seen of him in charity games he was awful. Seems like he's being coached to use his build instead of his speed and it's working well enough for them.

He plays for Central Coast Mariners and he had an eventful debut involving a boot to the groin followed by a good first goal and an easy second.



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Thanks Calum, i was interested to see how it would work out after he declared he wanted into football and i heard he signed for them.

I was thinking who is gonna catch him😂

But a boot to the groin would do it a s’pose 🤣🤣🤣


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I see his stay in Australia is at an end after not being able to agree terms with CCM. It’s all publicity driven, the mans never a footballer, he’s an over the hill Carlton Cole with pace.


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To be fair he only took up football about 2 or 3 yrs ago. Screams publicity but i think he is the first person i have seen play professional (ano stop) football after taking it up so late in the day.

Interesting concept due to his running background.