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Are you on crack ??? Back the manager or go on over to the Dark Side, where they must think they're going to win the whole thing
Neil Lennon had the team on that could/should have got the job done
No excuses, Christie was a big loss for us, but mistakes at the back by individual players cost us, not Neil Lennon
What was big Efe Simunovic doing, with that attempted pass back ?
If you're under pressure, just put it out on the side, for a throw in
Then N'Dome, waltzes through Ajer & Broony, for their third goal, schoolboy defending, actually schoolboys would have stuck a foot/leg in, they did neither
At this level, the players know they should have tightened up, at the back, when we equalized
We lost ,and deserve to be out, on that shambolic performance
I can only imagine what the talk in the dressing room was after the game
We concentrate on the league moving forward, and no slip ups
It's a game of fitba, so I'll feel the hurt, take a breath, and go on about my business
We are the Champions
12 points ahead, 18 goals to the good
100% right pal...
Regardless of team picked or formations Lenny can’t control moments of madness in defence, team he picked should have been well capable of getting a win, all caught up top when they got their second goal. We roll on to 9inarow and hopefully another cup.
Hail Hail ☘☘


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Go fuck yourself hoopy how does that sound?.. I've forgot more than you know about football... Jinkywbtl is right Lennon did made a cunt of it last night and if jinkys opinion makes him a hun then me and anyone that knows anything about football must be huns to.

You stick to loving yourself hoopy or rabbiting about fucking doors or some other pish..leave the football stuff to the people that know what they're taking about..but by fuck there's not many on here.
Dirt or Clay whatever you’re name is ya obsessed smelly hun pikee.. fuck off back to crumblepox


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Here goes.....deep breath.....
Jinky post negative post as per usual. People cant be bothered so tell him were to go. New member (πŸ’©) pops up and tells hoopy to fuck off (1st post) new member (πŸ’©) references subjects from months ago so either existing member troll or lurker (you might know them hun🀣...joking docco)...then I'm told I'm not a real fan as I cant get to to games from Surrey...then none of us are real fans. Shamrock gave me the clap. Hoopy makes new member (πŸ’©) kinky. Boabs going to teach me soldiers favourite song is Derry walls. I reveal I'm actually a hun.....jesus was mentioned a couple of times. Theres a few ideas who new member (πŸ’©) is..
The wan way multiple accounts lonely sad bastard πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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