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Thats a whole new STV show uv got there..” Im a Sevco manager, get me out of here”
Gerrard, Murty, McCoist, Pedro, Mc Leish…first task is “ getting your team to win a cup”….and the public have voted for…..🤣
Human canon with the range to pass our fishing ground international borders.

"Right yer ankles- never the same, yer knees - cauldrons ae shrapnel, yer spine aye good luck."
We need contestants to take some hits and get up"

Shit I've messed up my spl ref approved player hire/blind eye v the canon out of ecosse for current new mgmt.

Big Bobo's bunnet

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I'll check out for tonight, today has been a day.
Boyd would of been in that pundit group. No doubt. He shat it.
He was replaced last minute.

He has been tired out with all the public back pedaling he has had to endure while under spotlight - fat cunt

Hope the hounds of twitter are on him

No less than he deserves

He is still a prick for doing a gio duck and not letting us grab a still of his raging coupon...

Selfish imo

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I’m beginning to think Tavpens £100 million transfer to Barca might no happen
200million and an island in Caribbean to stay

or 15 billion transfer to bayern for Englands best ever RB

I see the horde went from a real Trangers captain last week for comments to Gerrard to must be dropped and have captaincy removed immediately, never a Trangers captain, must be sold asap


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The guy that missed that shot from 6 yds out... Goldson... the one that was calling everyone shite in his post match comments. Have I just imagined this?
Overheard a few huns talking in work earlier ..McGregor and Davis are done ,Goldson,Tav,Morelos can get to fuck and Gerrard knew this team were done 🤣they were shouting Gio Gio all day on Friday ..not a peep from them today.

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I don't think GvB should be getting too much stick as this new club have never won any major cup competition under a series of under-achieving managers. Just to recap the wonder roll of dishonour for them - they've been knocked out of cup competitions by Celtic (five times), Queen of the South, Inverness, Dundee United (twice), Raith Rovers (twice), Alloa, St Johnstone (twice), Hibs (twice), Aberdeen (twice), Motherwell, Hearts, St Mirren and Forfar Athletic. Throughout their entire history, their players have a wonderful habit of completely bottling it and I think they have only won one game at Hampden in 90 minutes. Oh dear, what a shame! :)

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