VAR in Scotland.


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OK Base the VAR team in Europe. I'm sure they could get a cheap deal if the VAR team was based in Pakistan or the Phillipines. The difference in time to reach a decision is in milliseconds.


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dont think thats a solution tbh

Masons are there too, and 1 ring rules them all

Scot free is in the upper echelons

They all swear an oath to the leadership system

Internationalism hidden in plain sight

Its rigged there too imo

Just not quite as biased as here where more than 50 percent of referees past and present are ruled by their oath

And. since ibrox is built by design to mimic a masonic temple in the entrance to main stand, it may well actually be a masonic temple

if the refs are masonic and they have an oath to protect the temple system then the more members you have in key roles, the more you can rig any system to suit the shot callers

If rife throughout the world

they control media
they control finance
they control most parliaments

And they dont need to declare their confluct of interest

in this wee country its even more concentrated

Blame Kafflicks

fire of london, blame kafflicks
Guy fawlks blame kafflicks
Any crime they commit blame kafflicks

And imo the distress signal protects any masonic member of a certain level of degree

its no a coicedence imo that ibrox has level 5
And hampden have level 6

its the same organisation imo

no secret will be revealed

just ask assange

You are indeed correct…..Ibrox was dedicated to the Masonic back in the day of Primrose I believe….. it is a dedicated Masonic Lodge… explains many things, doesn’t it?…
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Speaking of all things random.....C&P from a Bhoy on CQN


The fixture “fix” does not happen by accident..

I wrote on 1st or 2nd of August

Back to the time of Martin O’Neill, I always watched for the underhand sleekit advantage given to The Devils Spawn over ourselves.

This was often apparent in the fixture list. Giving us away games after European fixtures, Rankers getting home ties.

Using the normal reputation of the other teams in the league, ( no matter how well we were playing) we always had a little air of caution when we travelled away to Hearts, Aberdeen, Hibs, Motherwell and recenly Livi( because of their plastic pitch)

We also looked on these fixtures as opportunities for the Hun to perhaps stumble.

This season the “Random” fixture generator had given us the following ( I have excluded the other teams for the purpose of this comparison)

In our first cycle of games against the 11 other clubs in the league..


Celtic play each and every one of the 5 clubs ( plus Rankers) AWAY from Home.

The Zombies play all 6 of those teams ( including us) at home in that 11 game cycle.

If I was a cynic, ( and I am) I would also note that The FoD even have ensured that the more difficult of these Home ties are at the end of their first cycle.

Hibs game 8

Hearts game 9

Aberdeen game 11.

If this was discussed on a phone in, it would be dismissed as Celtic Paranoia , someone like Uncle Tom English would probably also say ” it doesn’t matter as you have to play them all anyway.”

Utter Bullshit.

We saw last season what happened when we had 2 games suspended because of Bolingoli… playing catchup is demoralising, being in a lead builds confidence.

This year by the time we get a settled team , the league will most likely be done and dusted.

It’s unlikely that the SPFL fix would have been necessary…. but it’s interesting to note that they still put the fix in anyway.

The Huns play their first ‘tricky’ away game on 30th October.
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