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I ran that wee clip through my DAW trying to isolate the sentence

its already so distorted that if I remove any more noise it also removes the vocals since they are in same frequency range

I slowed it down a little to see if it was any more audible

But if im honest it just a lot of noises to me

If I was to guess the sentence

It sounds like

What you fecking laughing at you fenian wee loaf then a sheep noise :p:p:p:p:p:p:p

Probably mcgregor shouting at the wee guy giggling filming behind goals

But its still not proven to me even after trying to isolate the sentence as best I could

Thanks for trying TET.....we need tae get wan o thon decipher boys in :)


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So this statement gives me the boak. When they do fuck all about the blatant sectarian racist shite we hear every time we go to their shithole,
they don't even care that theres no fans there or if officials hear it, they know we'll, or should I say our Board, will say fuck all.



I think best way as previously mentioned , if can start putting email addresses up of people to contact and we all email them. If anyone can put a well worded template together with video attached then be hard for it to be ignored.


Is there an email contact detail touch base to SFA & uefa ( I would like to send them a legal challenge, charging them with discriminatory behaviour against there organisation) this video outlines verbal racist abuse, ( by obviously McGregor, if not then their entire playing staff who are Scottish accent based) 10 games ban not inclusive of friendly games to the person involved or if it’s shown to be indeterminable who was the Rangers players voice (lol) then all three must be shown the same punishment given to the player who allegedly racially abused a said Rangers player. It’s now time we come from the back of the bus and stand to be counted. A blog is ok for a laught but not to stop this kind of behaviour and wtf are our board doing too? Lest we forget the abuse given to Scott Sinclair
This is perfect way mate in my opinion . Iv found so far just.

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