Virus Music!


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Michael, where did I say I don't give a fuck about casualties? You will find no evidence of that whatsoever, if you look hard enough you will find that I have offered anyone that's in need on this forum my assistance if I can help them, that offer includes you my friend.
I apologise to you if this thread offends you or anyone else, it most certainly was not my intention. A laugh, some music, some banter between friends is a ray of light during these dark times in my opinion, you have the right to disagree.
Under normal circumstances if I'm attacked, I attack back, these aren't normal circumstances, so stay safe and well Michael.
For some reason ma brother likes this, don't know why........
No idea why he would like that idea Michael
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand...we're off again !!!...

Bridie Bhoy

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Had tckets to see FREE,but he fell off the stage at a gig in Newcasle so the Glasgow gig was cancelled,ah did see him when he formed a band called Peace,they were supportin..........Mott the Hoople! 🍺
Paul Rodgers is an all-round-decent guy too. Him and his beautiful wife support a wonderful local animal sanctuary up here in Aberdeenshire to make sure it survives.