Vote Now on Re-naming the North Stand and whether Celtic’s No5 jersey should be retired



Voted number 5 should inspire. Dont think billy would want it decomissioned. He’s alive in that number. The fans who watched him relate to his number therefore he’ll never truly be gone.

Thats a fitting tribute

Yes and the Billy McNeil Stand got my vote too.

HH for our Legend ☘️


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Good points.
How about The Billy McNeill Way and keep the No5.
You know weedoc nothing would give greater pleasure in honouring our Cesar. You and I both know how much he meant to our club. The best of the best. We didn't retire the greatest celts Jersey in memory of our wee Jinky. Retiring Jersey nos is not for me. We have had great nos 5 and 7 I'm sure we will have in future. Just my opinion bhoys and ghirlsHH ☘️??


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This debate I think will go on and on till cows come home. There are so many worthy recipients of the honor. Not naming a part of the stadium after one and giving to another in my book is disrespectful. Celtic is full of great servants from our founder to the present day. I for one can't judge on who is most benefitting of the honor. ☘️☘️????