We can all use a laugh

michael duffy

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Wee tourist walks intae a pub,"can a have a pint of lager please landlord"
the landlord looks at his watch, and says "nae bother, but ye'll have tae drink it quick,big Dan comes in at 12 o'clock and he'll rip yer feckin heid aff"
wee tourist starts gulpin doon his pint,when, at a minute tae twelve, this giant shadow is cast across the bar
and this feckin monster comes in and shouts, "hey bawbag, gie's a phuqin pint", the wee tourist is brickin it,
the giant tans his pint in a wanner,turns tae the wee guy and says,ye better run like phuq son,big Dan'll be here any second,and bolted oot the door! 🍺 🥳

the great jc

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Had a laugh tonight when I took a wee look over on the Follow Swallow chaturbate thread for a cheer up.....

cos......tucked away in the middle of their threads is this little beaut about "rangers life insurance"!
Is it insurance just in case the "the rangers sevco die again", OR.....

..is it klangers fan insurance for the Myger manks, in which case they had better make pre-emptive claims from the Sevco in the next few months and rapid.......because the marble halls are unlikely to be around long enough to pay out ANY claims after May 2021.!! 😇🤣🤣🤣🤣

More likely its the Itox board's master plan. Another dirty great scam to fleece the unwashed hordes AGAIN!
They never seem to cotton on.
With Sevco there's probably never been any intention to pay these stupids out at any time.......live or dead!

The thread in question is highlighted in bold below.

Anyway..... claims? Against Rangers?
How did the last 300 or so work out?!!!
...it's hilarious.

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