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I'd like to welcome the lurking HUN mutants who will be 'doing the bouncy' until we molicate them, next weekend
Oh, and may all heir weans, walk backwards
No really anything happening dill international week is pish and aw this dripping about refs ffs 🙈🙈🙈 see a couple a bottles a wine getting opened 🙈🙈😂😂😂 might liven the place up 😂😂😂


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This what the Chelsea manager said aboot Erin Cuthbert after the 3-1 win over Man City today in the Women's league,

"We won our one v one battles everywhere,” said Hayes, reserving praise for Cuthbert in particular, who ran Bronze ragged. “She’s like a hound dog, she’s a permanent pest,” she said with a smile. “What a performance from our little Scot. She is prepared to do all the shitty jobs and she does them at the top level. I love that human.”

I saw Steve Clarke during the Scotland game and he looked like an angry Chicken Hawk looking for a chicken.....someone needs to love that human.
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