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The Pantomime season looks like starting earlier than usual this year
and it looks like a complete sell out from now until at least the festive season has finished.
Castle Greyskull is the venue,Pinochio is the show and the star of the show is,
the one and only stewart robertson,stewart is not only an actor who sometimes fills in on the sevco board,he is also a wonderful story teller who the zombies say,,at times can be very convincing..
I imagine that is only true if you are a zombie..



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A man and a woman met in a bar.
They got along pretty well and decided to go to her place and have a drink.

After a couple of wines, the man took off his shirt and washed his hands. Then he took off his socks and washed his hands again.

The woman looked at him and said: "Hey, you must be a dentist."

Dumbfounded, he asked: "Yeah, how did you guess that."

Said the woman: "It's easy...you wash your hands all the time."

It came as it had to, they got closer and ended up in bed....

After they were done the woman said: "You must be a good dentist, though."

"Yes, I really am... but how do you know?"

Whereupon the woman said: "Well, it was easy... I didn't feel anything at all!


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Three elderly ladies were sitting on a park bench discussing life, when a flasher walks up to the women and throws open his trench coat.

The ladies are surprised, and the first lady has a stroke. The second lady also has a stroke, but the third lady was sitting too far away.

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