We can all use a laugh

A nun was praying in a convent in rural Ireland when there was a sudden bang and a cloud of green smoke.When the smoke cleared she saw two leprechauns standing in front of her, looking just like the legends said they looked.

Fine green clothes, top hats, red muttonchops and standing about two feet tall. One stared at his feet sheepishly. The more confident one said,"Top of the morning to ye, mother! We come with a question. Are there any leprechaun nuns here?"

The nun was shocked by their presence but answered,
“No, I've been here five years and there are no leprechaun nuns in this convent.”"Only five years though. Not quite an expert. Has anyone been around a bit longer?" asked the leprechaun.

"Oh, Mother Superior has been here nearly sixty years and she would be able to answer any questions you have,” replied the young nun. She led them up the stairs and down a long hallway to the office of the Mother Superior.

The silent leprechaun continued staring sheepishly at the ground.
"It's an honor to meet you, mother superior! We have some questions!” said the other.

Mother Superior adjusted her glasses in disbelief.
“My goodness, for such special guests please ask anything you wish,” she replied.

"We understand there are no leprechaun nuns here now. Have there been any in your tenure?"
She responded, “Oh no,
I would certainly remember that.”

The leprechaun said, "You have studied the history of this convent. Any records of any leprechaun nuns in those archives?" She thought for a moment and replied, "I've read every book in our library twice, definitely no leprechaun nuns in our history.”

"Well what about in any other convent in Ireland? Do you think one might be there?" the leprechaun persisted. Mother Superior stroked her chin and said, “I doubt that. Certainly a story like that would have made its rounds through here by now."

The leprechaun grinned.
“If not in Ireland I know there are convents all over God’s creation. Perhaps one is somewhere out there?" The nun frowned "If there
was not one in Ireland I have to doubt there would not be one anywhere on earth."

The leprechaun turned to his friend and said, “See? I told ya ya fucked a penguin!”