We can all use a laugh


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found this made me laugh, anyway

Its getting rave reviews as proper journalism with objective clarity on FF.



I could objectively slam this piece as proper puff in every single paragraph

But rather than bother my arse, I have decided to just laugh at the level of misinformation and framed subjective slanting to disguise the actual truth.

Something the dude writing it claims he loves.

Best bit is sevco are running at 50 percent of turnover for wages.

think he just dreamt that bit, but who needs facts and figures when your a ninja man


Ninjaman? More like ganjaman, that is one deluded zombie right there, it's almost like he wrote that shite for himself to get a better sleep.


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Never seen those leather balls with the laces, that was back in the black and white days, lol, how old are you🤔🤣
Easy there youngster
Those leather balls with bladder inside, were the worst
If it was blown up too much and you headed it, it felt like you were hit by a 2x4
Even sounded wooden when you bounced it on the ground
Remember buying the plastic World Cup ones for ten and six at the shops
Was great getting home with it and couldn't wait to play with your mates
If it went off the grass, and hit the ground, concrete etc, it would get all scarred up, and eventually burst, we must have spent fortune on those black and white plastic ones
Thanks for the memory jog


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Don't think this mob know whit a cobbler is tictastic! 🍺 🥳
Our cobbler was a grumpy old cnt his dookit used to be behind the old co op the place always stunk of glue ,his repairs only ever lasted a few weeks so a guess he sniffed the stuff rather than use it
Used to go in with my ticket and say it was dr martins i put in tryin ma luck , the fkr always found ma shitey boots , then one summer he handed me a pair told me not to look untill a was up the road ,here it was 2 odd dr martins different sizes and different colours when a went back down looking for my old boots he handed me the laces said it was the only good thing worth saving 🤣