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Hello to all the new members who have recently joined us here on the Celtic Noise.
Why don't you post something on here to start off with? Maybe tell us where you live, especially if you're from abroad.
We're one big happy Celtic Family here and most topics can be covered in the Celtic Chat or General Chat forums although sometimes when a thread dries up it can get a bit silly so a good sense of humour is pretty much a prerequisite. :)

The Galway shawl

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FFS would someone new reply to this so I can offer a warm fluffy welcome and get a chance to pretend that I'm actually a decent human being? I need to go to work in the morning stop being so selfish! Jees! 😹
People can join no problem, it's up to them to decide when to join in hoopy, great wee site, good posters, some really funny posters, and some guys and Ghirls that check in for the craic, that's what makes this site a few so what? It gives us an opportunity to agree/disagree we're Celtic mate and we will always argue, but one love and this site gives it more than l can say. HH


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This is a 'welcome' idea (forgive the pun). There are many Celtic blogs out there in the interweb but not many like this that allows you to post your own 'article' or even just a thought.
This site is different, you can post what you like, as long as its still in the bounds of reasonableness and doesnt break the law.
So, if your a 'lurker', have a go, a warning though, you may find it quite addictive. HH 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀


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A great site first one I ever went on.I mostly go on on saturday evening funny enough it just so happens that's when I have a dozen bottles of guinness in front of me .any how the craic is excellent some serious a lot of really intelligent that frightens the life out of you because you say to yourself how do you follow that.but then you do and you find you get the same reaction as the genius before you.what I do love about this site most of all is the multitude of characters young old ghirls and bhoys so give it a try hail hail.

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