Well with no games whos gonna keep the lights on at AYEBROKE


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The £150 Government help fund will be on its way, the £324 already banked and the further £326 to come. I'm sure they've pocketed the £400 that was on offer. Don't worry about Sevco, they know how to keep the lights on at the taxpayers expense. Don't forget the poppy porn money is due, so that's another split of income .


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While were oan about muppets and gullibillies.
Rare ( no shit sherlock!) Rangers top expected to sell for between £15k-£20k
It's no surprise this top belonged to Alfie CONN and goes to auction at MCTEARS!
Fs every time ye think you couldnae make it up , they go and make it up.

What's also interesting about this is the lack of details of who exactly is selling this, is it the family? The club?
Could keep the lights oan furra month or two, best getting it sold before the leccy goes up start of October, strategic sale apparently one of quite a few.

This is the kind of thing that if it was a lions shirt would likely be in the Celtic museum.
So I wouldnt be surprised if this was one of their own.
Oh Mo johnstone Celtic top selling for a score , includes a kenny miller celtic top 😂
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