"What Budget?" ominous words from the Celtic manager Neil Lennon

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if we get into CL then we spend, Celtic doesn’t gamble money in the hope of getting the CL millions
We have the 10 to ringfence and the CL as always is the payday. Still gives me the fear every time we are going into these qualifications rounds without new faces.

I get this flashback to watching cartoons.
The hungry character looks at another and they transform to a walking leg of ham.
In our case it's the books balancing and Eddie is a walking suitcase of cash wearing a rather stylish Adidas tracksuit 🤣🤣🤣

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Check oot the legal opinion Phil Mac posted today. He sought a legal opinion about the Ashley/Sevco/ Castrated confusion. It will not go down well at the Bumhole Garden. Injunctions on the way apparently.
Sevco, the Arse that keeps on shiteing.
Might be something in this. There have been quiet murmurs from the sevco fans for days now regarding this. Wouldn't surprise me if the Klan board have been a bit selective with details so the SBooks can get punted.

No announcement regarding Mikes pay out? Seems odd there's been no word from hummel


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I see the Boli debate kicked in again a wee bit further up 😅

I hope Lee O'Connor pushes himself into the mix. If Boli caves after a few bad games and needs "taken" out the team again then we will need LOC as cover.
There has always been a group of people that jump to defend Boli. I'd ask the same question to all of them "do you trust him?".
I know where I sit on this.
He played as a wing back pretty much for his last club. The old coach said he covered the ground of 2 players. Fine. He was getting major help in the defending.

Have a think back ladies and gents. Mind when he signed and we were looking at his hilights clips?
Few if us (myself included) spotted that they barely had a tackle in them. It became clear pretty quickly why.
We have better attacking players and in GT and LOC better defenders.
I'd move him on.
Maybe because there has always been a group of people too eager to jump in and slaughter the guy BBB.

Some people were immediately branding the guy a dud after his first appearance, he was barely in the door 5 mins ffs. Must've done wonders for the guy's confidence being wrote aff by fans of his new club before he'd even emptied his suitcase.

There's a player there, this game 👇showed that he has some great qualities.....

...the question is can he get his confidence and performances back up to that day's levels, cut out the mistakes and show those qualities consistently. For that to happen the guy has to be given a chance.

'Do I trust him?' Same could be said about a few players.....

Do I trust Ajer as a left sided centre back.....naw! I think he lacks concentration and gets caught on his heels far too often which means he then lunges into challenges because he can't make up the lost ground quick enough.

Do I trust Frimpong as a right back.....naw! Don't get me wrong he's a cracking player going forward but he severely lacks defensive capabilities.

Do I trust Bitton as a centre-mid......naw! Can be a great passer of the ball but he's too passive and laid back in his play, he lacks the speed and aggression needed in that area of the park.

None of the above criticisms of Ajer/Frimpong/Bitton means I don't think they can maybe do a great job in a different role and I think the same can be said for Boli. I think the guy deserves another (proper) chance to prove himself. Fuck Bitton has been given enough chances and look what's happened, we've found out he's a far better centre-back than he ever was a centre-mid.
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Every season the qualifiers for the CL have a big bearing on the transfer budget if Celtic manage to beat the odds then more money could possibly become available or the flip side a player is sold to make up some of the difference in the money available from the Europa this season I think the player who is looking most likely to be sold could be Ajer. Hopefully things go to plan and the boys qualify for the CL then there might be a bit more money in the pot for players

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It is a pretty strange and confusing statement from Lenny.

Saying 'What budget' then going on to say 'it's business as usual' What does that even mean? 😕
Never played poker? You don’t tell the other players your hand, if Lenny tell the press he’s has X amount to spend, funnily enough that will be the price the other team selling will hold out for, makes perfect sense to me ....doh
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