What Can Stevie Do....


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Like Shammy I'm a bit out of pocket as well Stevie, since I took the day off to "mourn" because of your Naustradamus moment last night. So I'd quite like a new phone, this one's acting the arse, an iPhone 11 would be tip top and my litter tray could do with a clean, i dropped a thing like King Kong's finger in there earlier, it's not pretty. Oh an a boax, id like a boax too. Anytime you're free pal, ASAP please. 😺
I think you're confising me with ArturπŸ™„


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FFS, Loopy Attenborough's on again!
Sometimes I don't think you appreciate my aminal knowledge Shammy πŸ€”
Did I ever tell you that a gaboon vipers fangs are 50mm long? That's 2 inches for those who weren't around when mm were invented. (18th century) and they've been known to bite through their own bottom jaw to get to people who are handling them, interesting eh? 😺


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It was with some dismay that I discovered there was no deid queen to mourn today especially after I had bought hunners of pounds worth of suitable black attire ( including stuff from Victoria'a Secret) for the wake, funeral and purvey.
I suggest that Stevie installs a boax in ma hoose or pays for ma new gear and that way he'll learn not to listen to gossip. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
who the feck mourns in under crackers fae vickys 😳 feck me funerals have changed