What holds our scottish players back??


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Because we live in a country that embraces failure ran by fkwits who haven't a clue about football , mosty countrys promote their up and coming stars and the media laud them at every turn
Our media are waiting on Ryan jack getting into the scotland squad then he willl be the next best thing after the cabbage patch runt

The whole of europe promote their up and coming players at every chance even the epl ,yet were still stuck with the brigadoon mob

The Lisbon lions situation says it all if you look at how many caps they got for their country and how long it took them to even get inducted into the sfas joke of a hall of fame you'll see why this rancid country is still stuck in the dark ages
He is actually playing quite well recently imho

His choice of club stinks but he is half decent player under Gerrard


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Maradonna is another but many more. Talent is the issue in most positions other than defence.
I dont think scotland players are that bad, they just aren't enough getting regular games at high enough level or style to cope in the cut thrust of high end football

The balance against celtic and (I say this reluctantly) Sevco is our defence play more advanced than international players would expect to be and its hard to adjust to the defensive requirements

And our attacking players aren't tested often enough at high level to be any good at helping the defence in one off games.

Or vice versa if Aberdeen or kilmarnock or any other club outside Celtic (and them) get game they are not tested enough to be ready for the break aways.

I think our actual players are decent enough

But its the contrast in styles between their club teams and internationals that they fail to adjust quick enough.

When Scottish players were spread through the clubs who play high standard then the players at international level dont need to adjust that much

Well thats my theory anyway

The need to stay in premier league forces most clubs to play ultra defensive since drop in league is very onerous

The whole structure needs rebalanced to help the teams be more inventive

Rather than wall football against stronger teams

You cant develop good habits if you are perpetually negative against teams that are stronger in theory

its 11 guys v 11

And although it might expose teams in short term I think it would make them better in long run

But sadly results get managers fired

And that culture isn't healthy for game or growth of talent domestically


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My chelsea supporting mate has falling out of love with the english game and I'm sure there will be alot like him. He says there is no passion from the players. They dont fight for the jersey or their team. They are more worried about their image, or picking up an injury, than what they do for their club. He believes the main focus for players in england is their next big money move. Nothing else matters.
I've watched some boring EPL games this season, it's ridiculous that average players in England, are touted as being $10 Million+ players
Spot on, with their 'next big money move' scenario
I watch Liverpool & Man City, depending on who they're playing, apart from that, you can have the EPL and their over inflated price tags


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Tell that to Jinky or Messi😳
There are exceptions. But if you look at the top players all over the world they are built. Strachan talked about this too and he's right. Physicality aligned to higher levels of technical ability is the norm now. Christie is a classic example of how getting a better physicality helped him move up a level. I'm hoping young Mickey does the same to go with his brilliant technical ability.

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