What if we win every match this year?


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What if we win every match this year 9-0?​

Fixed it for you. Answer - we all quit, go live on a Caribbean island, never need to watch any football ever again bar replays of this season on loop until we die of alcohol poisoning or get eaten by sharks after drifiting out into the ocean on hooped lilos hammered on Guinness cocktails.


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We have a squad of players who know that on their game they can beat any team in the world. Football is played by a team though and the team spirit running through this squad is obvious. You might think that's impossible. But It is achievable.
That's strange Fis , i am only seeing this thread 1st time today 13 days later.
I've just posted a link from yesterdays Celtic Star on the clickbait thread about this as well, about how HK ended up at Celtic.
How it shows the way Ange is building a team of talented football players and coaches but also one of the same spirit you mention.
Its visible to the spectators eye the spirit within the squad.
I wouldnt be surprised if he's instilling the same belief into the ball bhoys , and the cleaners around CP as well.
Brilliant to see. 🍀

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