Where are we in the Football Cycle?

John nó

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That's part of the problem. The huns aren't the champions-in-waiting that they think they are - their defenders weren't that great and their strikers were worse - yet still we couldn't make any progress, there were no waves of attack and there were no meaningful shots on goal.
So true Neil which has only increased the hurt as they produced nothing to be fearful of yet couldn't handle it.
Still in shock.


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Am past anger that left an hour after the game some folk dwell on it longer but it's 3 points dropped and we move on ,this has to be the wake up call both the manager and the team and they better get it sorted and quickly

Yesterday was a huge fk up lenny knew he had 4 players out isolating and would need to use the best of his squad to put a team on the park worthy of competing and had 2 weeks to get his tactics right ,,,,,,,,, he did neither ,,,,,,,,the same as he did after the cup final

It's his job to lose and so far he's doing not a bad job of it ,,,time will tell

my own thoughts ,,,,, Results this week will define if lenny still has a job


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If you have a look back in history (some of us can remember it) but the 1997/98 season was like this season......but we had to stop the 10. Rangers went into the season on the back of 9 wins and spent big in the summer (Amoruso 5m, Negri 3.7m, Porrini 4m plus others - Gatuso) this was to add to their very talented squad (which included: Albertz, Laudrup, McCoist, Ferguson, Goram etc)... and after our start.....things looked exceptionally bleak. However, with twists and turns we broke them. And the era of Rangers domination was over... this is how it panned out: Hopefully history doesn't repeat.
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