Who is the real Tgm.?



Mental picture of the big fat guy in the movie seven (7) Sloth, before Kevin Spacey gets to him, waiting patiently for the carers to turn up and change his Depends and Colostomy bag, he starts of in a general agreeable way, then as the nappy rash kicks in and the bag is fit to burst , the bile over load gets typed up, I may be wrong , maybe he's not fat!


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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ah knew you would hit a rage Boab 🀣🀣🀣
Just the truth. if someone wants to debate and have a converstaion then use the protocols, let people prove you wrong, be prepared to accept if you are wrong, don't take offence if you are wrong as you will have learned something and that then is a positive to be cherished, Maria when a child comes home from school and you ask what did you learn the response you wont to hear is things you never knew of, then the child becomes the teacher and both have learned sonmething that day, We have all dealt with clowns who just put their fingers intheir ear and give abuse when wrong.


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I feel a wee bit sorry for TGM cos the guy clearly has issues. Easy to block people on this blog though. Click on the persons name, click ignore and ye will never hear fae that person again until ye change it.
Reading his posts is like a slow descent into madness. Once someone challenges his views its all out keyboard assault on them. I hope he can get help for the issues he so clearly has.
Hail Hail fae Peoples Republic of Dundee