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Have they not already did this merge old co into new co i think it was done by Charles Green when he bumped them for 20 million in an IPO all he had top do was switch Rangers 2012 with Rangers Football Club PLC (1872) and let the it be known that Rangers 2012 were liquidated, 20 mill in the bank, off to France. Only one thing though wee Timmy knows that Rangers 2012 had a former name, Rangers Football Club PLC (1872). The switcheroo bumped the huns for £20 million and sold the IP to big Mike for the next shafting, when will it ever end. Now DK is punting sheets of paper valued at 6p for 20p, 14p profit in the back bin.
🤪🤪🤪 fuckin nonsense man that mob are crackpots they swallow any old shite funny as fuck some of the posts from them😂