Whos your Bundesliga team?

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With the german league making a return today I'd imagine everyone who loves and is missing football will be keeping a wee eye out for results...
Which teams will you be looking out for, if any, and why. Any celtic connections for that reason? I've always liked Dortmund due to lambert. I remember when he signed, my dad was excited. I hadn't heard of him but I'd heard of zidane. I remember my dad telling me we were signing a guy who outplayed zidane...


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I was in Dortmund in 87, Murdo was playing for them and I'm sure Big Mick McCarthy made his debut for us that night, anyone who was there will remember the final whistle when their fans, many of them right wing, stormed up the park to our end, cops did hee haw until a few troops tried to scale the fence to get at them, brave or pished, I'll let you decide๐Ÿคฃ seen a few fists thrown outside the ground after the game as well, surprised me as we were mixing as usual before the game, I had a great time.
They have really got their act together as a support now, defo one of the best in Europe, if I had to choose, it has to be St Pauli


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Offenbach Kickers- a 3rd division team from Frankfurt am Main. I lived there for a year in the early 90s. Never went to a game though.
One team I despise though is Hamburg SV. I would love to go to a Sankt Pauli v Hamburg Derby game I remember when we played HSV a few year ago they had massive butchers apron with No surrender on it. That bumenholen Albertz was the instigator. Was he an EBTeer as well?

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