Will the SFA bring charges against sevco


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Rangers fans group Club 1872 has purchased a further 350,000 in Rangers International Football Club plc. The supporters collective currently has just over 5 per cent of the shares in RIFC but its long-term target is to reach a minimum of 25 per cent, with former Ibrox chairman Dave King set to hand over his majority shareholding to the organisation in the near future. (The Scotsman)
When asked for comment Mr King praised the foresight of Club 1872 in paying way over market price for Gers confetti , but they know , he continued , '' that I share their view of the Club's future and ...'' at this point the giggling from Mr King made the rest of his comments unintelligible .

A spokesperson for Club 1872 re-iterated their belief in the integrity that Mr King has shown in his dealings with them and was adamant that they would gain sufficient shares to put a member on the Board .
They outlined their strategy for this long term goal and confirmed that a previously unnamed billionaire investor , Mr S. Claus ,was keen to underwrite their venture .
Mr Claus , who lives abroad , was unable to be contacted .



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Word from the steamie...

Apparently there's serious friction between the lying King and the Hun Board.....their Board's latest share issue is cutting out club72 which King allegedly has a deal with to buy his shares at an overinflated price.....their Board will also be having nightmares about club72 accruing enough shares to demand a seat on the Board which could potentially expose their financial dealings to said Board member.

Anyone of their fans that buys in to this latest grab for cash share issue is mental imo as these shares are way overvalued and nothing more than confetti.....I expect this share issue to be way undersubscribed as a consequence.

Allegedly there's also a coup d'etat underway at club72 which will no doubt be successful and bring about a change of leadership at club 72.....which in turn will see those in synch with the Hun Board taking control.....and King will then have to whistle for any deal from them.....stay tuned, there's a shit show about to played out over there which is a welcome distraction from the one we're having...
Aye king knows the hun fucks wid rather gee the club money so if the coup works no deal for King he will need to sell for the real price it shud all blow up rather nicely I think 👌