Will we win the league?


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Aye! the scum always win the league before the new year,then they shit the bed,can they play any better? can we play any better? the question is,is Lenny the man for job, or is a new face the answer? welcome tae the 'noise' Johnno. 🍺 🥳
Imo we can and will get better. Huns top of their game just now, but injuries and bad form will come to them. So yes we can win the league. Welcome Johnno. ☘️☘️

Bridie Bhoy

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Two players making errors BB, and defence admiring the penalty instead of been alert, you do not have to teach switching on, fuck sake if any them dropped their wallet the reaction would be swift to retrieve it.
I know boab, but it is the number of individual errors that are being made in areas that will always lead to score scoring opportunities against us that is causing us big problems. A fair amount of blame for that lies with our set-up leaving us over-exposed to these errors, game preparation and our players being up for the game.

I know you are being optimistic but one of the best things I can say is that we are not as far behind in the league as we could have been, thanks to too many points needing to be saved very late on (I know a goal counts the same in the 94th minute as it does early on).

I really don't think we have done ourselves justice in many games this season so we MUST change this immediately before it is too late.

John nó

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What is going on, I never knew I had a twin.
Could be a bit of sibling rivalry going to take place
Welcome to the noise (imposter)
Of course we can and will still win the league, think 6 points might be a bit generous.
Can't see us winning it under lenny mind, but would love to be wrong