Would u take Mcgeady for a season

Spherical Planet

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Has anyone ever had a Bridie Fi Arbroath it could fill the gap at left back and oor cat likes
To rub his teeth 🦷 of oor Colgate paste whilst driving his own wee 🚜just fir 🌲

HH 🤪
You get Fleming's bridies in Arbroath, but they're no more a bridie than a chunk of soggy pastry with cat food in them.

Forfar has the bragging rights on bridies, jam, but you cannae whack a good smokie.

Lubos left peg

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Turn it up lubo. Eli will get you far more goals and assists than mcgeady ever did. I know he's inconsistent but you obviously canny remember how inconsistent mcgeady was. Some days he couldny cross a postal order ffs.HH
I was joking TT 😂😂..I wouldn't have McGeady back. That said i still think eli is pish. He's no better than season 3 sincy. We cant afford to have a, 7 shit games, 1 decent game player this season but lenny seems to like him so it looks like we will have to put up with him.


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i loved Roberts when he was with us, but he hasn't done anything of note since. Sometimes things just click when it is the right club at the right time for a player. He has also struggled badly with injury.

However, if we can buy him for a sensible amount and his wages fit our structure then - assuming he is fit - I'd take him back. On his day he was fantastic and unplayable at times. Plus he spurred Forrest onto another level too.
Talking of who we would or more to the point (could ) take back is surely a negative thing? Aye we let him go for the money but we fekd up? Aye right🤣


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One other thing about The Noise Alexander. We do have a tendency to stray from the topic. You asked about McGeady and we are now debating Paddy Roberts & Mikey Johnston. Sometimes you can start off asking about Brendan Rodgers brand of toothpaste and the thread gets hijacked about cats, doors or inconsiderate bastarding farmers who deliberately drive their tractors at 5mph during rush hour!

Enjoy and go with the flow! 😁👍
Get this one

will be contacting every inconsiderate bastard i know in your area,,,,,,,,,,you made the list