Would u take Mcgeady for a season

Tony Soprano

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Neither did the Holy Goalie
Rumour has it, they had a disagreement in the dressing room ,and big Boruc, had him by the throat, WGS was 'alerted' and said something like "They'll figure it out"
Aiden McGeady was good on his day, but I think we have better sitting on the bench, and coming through the ranks
Only one winner there mate 😂he was a greetin faced wee shite even back when he was 10 year old!


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When I think of some of the absolute duds we have brought in under the punt banner, I see no problem with spending less on Aiden. At least he can fucking play. It wont happen, but if it did he would contribute more than most we have wasted money on over the last few years.

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