Would you financially support a crowd funded class action...


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I’ve been looking at Scots law on corruption and all the work that has been done in Scotland, the UK and internationally to get a universal definition of corruption which can be used in the laws of each country. My reading of all this is that it would be difficult to prove the SFA was guilty of corruption in any legal sense. I hope someone with proper legal background can prove me wrong but that is my amateur view

'Fraud' and corruption......or only corruption?


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Might fing with brexshit coming alot of european players won't see the UK as a favourable place to come
Maybe why we went to the american market , might be a load of shite but it's better than most post on the transfer rumours


Yes lets stop the talking and get the funding started, corruption in Scotland has went on far to long it has to be challenged. Look what happened in Belgium, Football clubs, agents and yes even the referees, my goodness. Yet commentators keep saying that there's no bias in Scottish football, is their eyes deceiving them, its happened in the past and it is still going on today, any neutral person can see that. A little bit of help here and there for rangers international can cost Celtic millions of £. LETS GET THE BALL ROLLING.