WTF ? Two semis at Hampden on the same day !

TJ Hooper

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contractually obliged to play both games at hampden, otherwise would have voted hampden and Murrayfield which does make more sense. HH
This contractual obligation that the SPFL has is with Hampden Park Limited. When speaking with Darryl Broadfoot he was pretty clear that the SFA can't do anything about it, but in fairness thats just bollocks as the SFA own Hampden Park Limited. So what you have is a situation where the SPFL and SFA could have agreed that the games could have been played the same day at different grounds (being as they are the parties to the agreement - one by proxy) but the SFA turned this down. We know this because Anne Budge said in here statement today that she'd specifically asked about rellocating and the SPFL went to ask them about doing this but were rejected. On that basis I'm struggling to see why the SFA aren't sharing a fair amount of the stick for this almighty balls up that is causing no end of grief for everyone, except those who stand to make a bit of cash for the use of the stadium.



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Just saw Stevie Sevco on Sky saying its a unique situation but he has no gripes. Wonder why? They get to play first on pitch that cuts up. No major inconvenience for most of their fans. Of course when this decision was in the making no one said "What works best for Sevco". Only paranoid Celtic fans would think that.
Craig "long grass" Levine says its maddest thing he has heard in football, really?
Here is mad,
Using grass length as an anti football tactic. Can ye imagine the team talk for that?
Playing an international match with no striker, not through injury or suspension though, through choice.
Breaking a team mates jaw, to name a few
Hail Hail fae People's Republic of Dundee


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Millsy raised a good point earlier. Hearts V Celtic came out the draw first and therefore why have we been allocated an evening game on what will be a midden.

I have heard some say that we are second because we are playing away on Thursday night prior to the match and Sevco are at home and therefore we will get more rest time. However, the SFA have never gave two hoots about Celtic getting rest time in previous competitions and therefore in my view the first fixture drawn should be the first fixture played (unless Celtic and Hearts have requested this but suspect it is to suit Dons fans travelling). I hate Murrayfield and glad we are not going there.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing when switched on the news.... Weird it has turned out alright for Rangers...all things considered they are playing at Hampden on normal pitch a bit earlier than usual but otherwise business as usual.
Apparently the reason for Sevco Aberdeen first is because the police requested it. Still a fuckin joke. HH🍀
It gets worse... The question was asked why could the Hearts V Celtic game not be played the following weekend? (Not sure why it is not Aberdeen v Sevco being considered as they came out second in the draw). Anyway to get to the point - Police Scotland rejected the proposal as they will not support Celtic & Rangers playing at separate stadiums in Glasgow on the same???????? However, they support them to play at the same stadium on the same day o_O


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Apparently the reason for Sevco Aberdeen first is because the police requested it. Still a fuckin joke. HH🍀
Na cany buy the police request,clubs not consulted decisions made ..nothing new there then adversity is nothing new to Celtic and they will face it again I only hope the other teams take the same approach
Apparently the reason for Sevco Aberdeen first is because the police requested it. Still a fuckin joke. HH🍀
Can't blame the police for that. They know the best tactic is to get them in and out early. Like most people you know someone's brother dad, sister that has worked for them. The ones that talk my uncle included have said there is a bigger risk factor when the gers play. Doesn't always work that way and I'll try my best to keep a level fair head. It's all about track records THIS season (😁). They have been troublesome. Throw a few lively jambos and sheep into the mix.
I'm actually of the cautious opinion that it may pass by relatively quietly. If the results go glasgows way
This is no surprise,it was always on the cards that the Tims would be stitched up , the pretenders given every chance ...How are supporters from Aberdeen to get down for a12.oclock start.It stinks I live in Swindon and I can smell fruuuzy.iom ygi4u4uzuz4hju8y..8 yy here SHAME ON THEM
They will make it. If your worried for them don't be. The busses leaving the deen will be the best busses of the whole day. Numerous all nighters and pished banter a plenty. They don't expect a thing from this game deep down. Off they will pop. Crumble on que. Back on the bus. Win, loose pace and get back on the bus.
If they nick it and we do. The hearts and huns will team up. Trains run all day


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The first train available from Aberdeen doesn't get in to Glasgow till 12.15 that day. 15 mins after kick off so doubt many of them will get to the game giving Sevco fans a boost. Piss poor. HH🍀


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Stevie may is due a goal or ....10
Understand your comments ,it's not just a case of being level headed more a case of injustice they could have had a open discussion(no chance) but instead took it apon themselves to do this,other options were available to me this was the another cop out to the advantage of one to the deprement of others,yes I beleave Celtic will be in the final ,no worrys on that
According to the SPFL it was the police that wanted the huns v Dons game played first on the Sunday.
WHY?. Was it so they could go to the game and be ready for their dayshift on the Monday.
OR WHAT is the real reason that the huns game had to be first?.

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Glad to see that the SFA saw sense and eventually and very belatedly released the SPFL from the Hampden requirement. A little unfair on Doncaster that he's getting dogs abuse for the fiasco and the SFA getting let off the hook, but he handled things pretty poorly too I guess in making statements that didn't reflect anyones actual view of things.


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The SPFL have changed the start times and Venus still on the same day the Celtic match kick off at 1-30 at Murryfield with the other game set for 4-30 at Hampden how the came to this is beyond me the kick times yes but to stick to the Aberdeen v them , stinks so much it has exposed just how rotten to the core this organisation is.Was there no one person in the room when this decision was made raise the Question Celtic vHearts were first out so should have the first venue,every other sport does this .Perhaps the pretenders did not have the fare to travel to Edinburgh to say I am baffled is a understatement


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Not having a ballot to see who played where tells me all I need to know about whose team gets the best deal.

We just need to win it to cause them more pain. That’s our comeback.
And guess who gets to play second on the midden that is the Hampden pitch after Sevco and the Baa Baas have run around on it for 90/120 minutes ? Being October in Glasgow there is a high probability of it being rather wet - which is just what you don't want when playing two semis of a National competition on the same turf only hours apart .
Which overpaid , useless blazer came up with that one ?
Pea n ham fae a chicken ring any bells


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Pea n ham fae a chicken ring any bells
Two things spring to mind the first is the Huns want to have the larger split of allocation they know Aberdeen fans will maybe struggle with arrangements and not fancy the trip back up the road should the game go to ET and Pens etc, therefore might concede some of their allocation to the orcs.
And second i think Edinburgh have looked at the deal and thought do not want the orcs in our city or stadium.
Aberdeen in Edinburgh and Hearts in Glasow is the way it should have been and its the way it came out of the hat.