Youtube live title party for 9 in a row (3pm start approx Sat 23rd May)

michael duffy

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Think i was only at 2 title winning games in the first nine,against the huns when Jinky scored twice in a 2-2 draw tae clinch the title,memorable moment? Tommy Gemmell putting john greig up in the air after his umpteenth foul on Jinky,oh, and hitting a ballboy on the back of the heid wi a pie!.
Dunfermline away,when Bobby Lennox scored tae make it 2-1, we've won the league again, fly the flag, fly the fla-ag!,got a lift back tae glesga on the Kilbowie CSC bus,walked fae Clydebank back tae Haghill! happy daze,ma feet,not so much! 9 IN A ROW AGAIN! COYBIG! 🍺 🥳

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