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    The Troubles

    The unionists are protesting that there was a breach of the COVID rules at a nationlist’s funeral last year. But the same people think it was ok to breach the COVID rules when their football club won their first trophy in their history. You can’t have it both ways.
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    Delays for the rangers bans

    The Huns are going to appeal the bans for their players in the UEFA cup tie. Have they no shame. Roofe should have been banned for 10 games with that tackle on the goalie itself.
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    Delays for the rangers bans

    I’m sure I read that the goalkeeper has to wear that helmet during every match now.
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    100 Days To Go.

    100 Days To Go..........until the manager is announced 😡 This is beyond a joke.
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    Watch goal chopped off for Hibs, the Referees aren't even hiding it now

    Even when VAR comes in, it’ll be the same MIB making the usual wrong decisions.
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    Cup Tie Next Week

    Most funerals on a Saturday are usually before 12 o’clock 😂
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    Never have I seen such blatant corruption,they dont even try to conceal it now..

    For once I agree with John Kennedy, but it shouldn’t be him bringing it up, it should be the board, especially Peter Lawwell. He might be retiring but he stood back and let the cheats get away with it during his full tenure with the club. The bunnet wouldn’t have allowed it to happen.
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    Eddie Howe & Signings

    Good point TD
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    Eddie Howe & Signings

    Move on to the next one....but not Keane.😡
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    Eddie Howe & Signings

    Eddie Howe ‘is not close to signing for any club’😡
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    Eddie Howe & Signings

    Trying to get a new manager into Celtic takes ages. I’m beginning to think Eddie Howe is H from Line of Duty.😂 It’s took that long to get the deal over the line.😡 Or is it Richard Hughes?😂 I can see us finishing up with H from Steps.
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    Luca Connell....

    I think the way the young players have been dealt with by Celtic has been disgraceful. Even going back to young Jack Aitchison, he didn’t get much of a chance. Now he’s with Barnsley but out on loan to Stevenage.
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    Rangers appeal six-match bans for five players after breaching Covid-19 regulations Rangers players Nathan Patterson, Bongani Zungu, Calvin Bassey,

    I can’t believe the arrogance that keeps coming out of Ibroke. If you don’t want punish, don’t break the lockdown. They seem to think they’re above the law. Whether it’s on or off the park. A club that shouldn’t even be in existence. The old club cheated. The new one is doing exactly the same...
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    We can all use a laugh

    I’m watching Dumbarton v Aberdeen. Kamberi is wearing gloves.😂😂 It’s a heatwave out there.😂😂