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As you might know I'm writing on Maria s behalf as she has been banned I hope you don't mind She has asked me to tell you she is behind you 1 million % and she is routing for you She says she has always been inspired by the way you stand up for the truth
thank you for reading this message
We were very poor yesterday. Any team can have an off day but that's two games against The Rangers that we didn't turn up Too many players think they should be an automatic choice for the first team. Take out Brown and we don't have anyone to break up a physical mid field. Forrest and Johnston kept coming infield and we had no width in the team. Lennon picked the wrong team and was too late with his subs.
Probably on my own here, not convinced mikey should start these games. Unless weve no choice. Hes struggled more than once and I think it would do him good to build himself up physically. Hes never going to have the physique of ajer etc but I remember Forrest was once the same, bags of skill talent potential and easily brushed off the ball. Mikeys time will come just not right now though.
1684 messages! Well done. But recommend you quickly now get through another 10 or so in a wanner. Just don't get stuck on 6 ! hail, hail...