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    bbc scotland

    Just spent the most entertaining half hour on the huns FF forum but I find it quite disconcerting that they have finally discovered why they are no longer a force in Scottish football. Apparently it's because they are no longer allowed to sing 'The Billy Boys'. Serious melt down going on @...
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    Celtic v Kilmarnock - Sunday 23 February, Scottish Premiership, kick-off 3pm - all comments here

    Let's keep the pressure on bhoys and put this game and the league to bed. HH
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    Night at the Museum - what is that?

    Comedy gold.
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    Wheels just come off a bus at Kilmarnock. Latest.
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    Ben Nevis in yer Sannies !šŸ˜‚

    Have a mate in Fort William, calls February/March, the lemming season.