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    Thought you’d like to know, I’ve been trying today to access a few of the Celtic Star articles via NewsNow and when it comes to clicking the accept button nothing is happening so said articles are not loading. Cheers
    Any chance of introducing a swear filter? Overdue
    Just wonder if it is really necessary if we want to encourage kids and other people who can use their own language without spewing filth? What do you think?
    Wit a fanny
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    I'm actually for that idea vigobhoy. I dint know if theres an age limit to the forum but we are all educated adults (mostly) but there are swear words and there are swear words some are called for some are not. I personally type f*c* and the likes as I've no need to be swearing at my football family. Its not the worst idea I've heard that's for fu**ing sure 😛
    In the thread "i was wrong" when i tried to reply to respond to comment after my last ever comment, during the process the chat went from blue background to white my text was deleted and the the chat box became,e solid white background where I cannot get cursor. I assumed the bloke who responded after my message flagged me as troll. The messages i deleted were long before my chat ended.
    The chat box cannot get cursor. The only place on site i can reply to anything is by licking the name of the person twice and it gives me their wall. Like here. Its no really a problem mate. I thank you kindly for the time to heck it out at your end. But my ability to chat or respond has been removed. I can like read and otherwise keep up too date. Its no really a problem. My contribution isn't that great anyway.
    Thanks for reply mate. i can't reply in any other way. cursor can't get highlighted in my chat box. but somehow i haven't been blocked from this chat box. Anyway its no a big deal. i deleted a few posts because i thought afterwards why share that stuff. but i was blocked from chat as soon as i made comment in i was wrong. i suspect i was flagged as troll. but like you said. seems its my end. no big deal.
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