Ben Nevis in yer Sannies !😂

The Shamrock

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They must be right fannies to go up Ben Nevis at this time of year without the correct equipment and clothing. Come to think of it, they must be right fannies to be going there at all in this weather.
Charge the dafties for the cost of calling out the mountain rescue team. They could no doubt use the money.

Big Bobo's bunnet

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Only thing that saved them was the fresh roll of tinfoil in the drawstring nylon pouch backpack ( the wan you used to take to the swimin) . The roll of foil earmarked for hat making/chasing at lower altitude reworked into a bargain basement tinman Halloween costume probably saved thier lives. Probably


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I went about a third of the way up Ben nevis about 20 years ago in january, I had no intention of going to the top was just having a bit walk. At about 2pm I turned to come back down and met a group of 4 young guys going up, think they were army. Spoke to them and said it's a bit late for going up but they weren't for turning back.
Back in the hotel in aviemore that night it was on the news that 2 guys died on the mountain that evening, I take it that it was that group. 🙁