Brendan Rodgers


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I'm sure a lot will disagree....but me....I would take him as a manager any day......In time to come.....He will be remembered as one of the best Celtic managers of all time.......
To his credit, he managed the invincible season and, in large part, the trebles have their foundation starting with the teams he fielded. But one of the best managers of all time? Not so sure. He played that card unsuccessfully when he crept out before his job was done at Celtic, so that's a huge mark against him.


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Don't understand the animosity towards BRs. Took us to a different level, probably wouldn't have left the way he did if he wasn't constantly undermined by Lawwell.
We were good for him and he was good for us at that time, can't understand the bitterness. We even copped for 9m compo when he left.
I actually felt it was time for him to leave as we had started to become a bit one dimensional in our play with his obsession with possession.
NL benefited from that as the players were allowed to play with more freedom for the remainder of that season.
It was a combination of factors that cost us the 10.


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If you look at BRs career stats he's never lasted longer than 3 seasons anywhere. If Leicester carry on the way they are going, he will carry on the pattern.

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