Broonie & McGregor

Thai Tim

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On 25th June Scott Brown will be 35 years old. I’ve read he's excellent in training, frequently putting the younger lads to shame, but even Broonie needs a rest now and again! That goes for Callum McGregor. If available, these two are picked 100% of the time. Fair enough. But when games are already won, surely Neil should take off one or the other to give them a wee break, and maybe it’s time for Broonie to miss out on games following or prior to a European tie. Anyone agree / disagree?

Lubos left peg

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Hard one. Brown drives the team on. When the bhoys are tiring hes the one on the park pushing them to give a bit more. Every game, at this point, is important. I'd rather he was playing every match but I see your point. Unfortunately no one, as of yet (soro 🤞🙏) has stepped and shown they are capable of filling that role.
As for McGregor. I believe we have enough cover for him so would give him a break now and again. He is obviously one of our best players but we have so much quality that I believe we wouldnt lose anything should he get a wee break.


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Having met the man, 8, I really believe he epitomises what Lennon wants. Never shirks, gives 100% every time and honestly the rest of the squad must go, ffs, I don't want him on my case. God alone knows what he is like if we lose.
Broonie, see us through to the ten and I personally will order the statue!


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They had a 2 week res ffs ;-) I'm of the thought that the current 11 is doing the business and should now be played for the seeable future.
A player can get injured getting out the bath, so for me, play them until this point. Nobody in the current 11 should be dropped, and only drop out of the team if and when they get injured or if their form drops substantially (I'm not talking about having 1 poor game here).
Personally I like Elhamed, I think he's a cracking right back and makes our backline better, however, who do you drop for him? He just has to wait his time, maybe it's a back 4 in Europe or sevco. At the moment he just has to fully get over his injury and get fit. PingPong, I love him going forward, but his a liability at the back. His young so this part of the game will come, however, at the business end of the season is there really a place for him?
The great thing about it is, we are starting to get players back at the right time, the players not in the 1st eleven are all champing at the's a great problem to have.

One thing I did notice against hearts before kick off was not the starting 11, but our bench.


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Its oor best team together fur ages.....And, if they keep together, they will only get better...Sure injuries will occur, but we are well placed for replacements....Nae bother :cool: