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Broony has apparently opened the door on playing for Scotland again,
Should he be picked after retiring twice?
Should he really get involved in the embarrassment that is the Scottish national team again?
Should we forget those two questions and just laugh at Mr Knox who is quite clearly a cock womble?

David Knox, Queens Park, blasted: “I can’t believe the audacity of Scott Brown regarding the euros. He must be one of the most overrated players ever and only has medals due to Rangers being wrongfully demoted. Brown would be shown up in the Euros - just like in every Champions League game he has played in.”

Thanks to the daily record phone in for giving village idiots a voice! 😹
So wrong, on so many levels. Just plain hun drivel, they are GREEN with envy. Broony for first goal at t the New Year's Derby. Now that's how to get the party started.