Caught in two minds


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I hate to say it fis but I don't expect us to get a single point, but not to worry this means that Forrest turnbull and calmac will get a break. Even Taylor will have a nice holiday, so they'll all be rested for the new season. And when it comes to Christie he will be fit for his new club. HH
I dint think the Czech team or the Croatia team are miles ahead of us.
Technically yes but we’ve some good uns as well. Big Adam’s got his newbie starts out the way. He might be our Che Guevara and liberate our wee nation against the shite of England. They look pish bar grealish. Hopefully big mings plays and does what he does and we get a free hit
I’m sure we’ll score a goal or two, just need to defend properly in those games and you never know
We’re on the March with clarkies army
Nah me neither


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The whole problem with Scotland national team has been the inter club rivalries. US, them, the rest.
Apparently it was the same with the English. The Man U players would sit together and the Liverpool ones and the London ones would all sit together.
Poor old Matt Le Tissier (who I rated) sat on his own, :ROFLMAO:

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