Celtic V Airdrie Score Predictions


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So Celtic play Airdrie in Scottish Cup on Saturday before normal league fixtures return the following Wednesday to St Mirren.

I for one can’t wait.

There’s only so much chat threads even i can make for us to converse and have a laugh.

So back to business.

Im going for 5-0. Hoops.

What do you predict ?

HH ☘️


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I'm thinking the same here too,is it too much to ask for double figures since it's those neighbors of ours Maria? You know the Drumbeaters from up the road 😂
The staunch brigade that all look as if they follow follow royal protocol with inbreeding, Bertie ?

We will bounce their Section B pish back to Airdrie wi a hiding.

Tiocfaidh ar la pal ☘️