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Spied this after wondering what the crack is and what we need to do. Could we get up in to 14th and lose YET ANOTHER qualifying round from this season (2 instead of 4)?

Currently with sevco, we’re playing for half the points won (2/4 teams) where as places above are 1/4, 1/5. You get more points for CL vs EL, not sure what comps their teams are in, but only 2 qualifying rounds next season and a less ridiculous start would be awesome.

Almost wants me to have sevco win... then remember that massive wedge they need to pay off 😂

Something to think about in last 2 games 🤔

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Does the 2015/16 score come off next year? If so it puts Czech and Denmark under pressure as Scotland only had 3 points that year and they were relatively high scoring.
I think it’ll come off next season but not go towards next season starting. Looks like it’s last 5 season points that determines position. If there’s a good run this season, it’ll help fi next, but get the extra bonus season after if 15/16 was the worst. If that makes sense. That site is good though, a live update after every round

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