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I am embarassed to say I came up with an idea to help stop coronavirus this morning based on something I read a number of pages back on an attachment from the Mayo Clinic.
Edit: I'm serious by the way.
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Quick thought
Cladding for buildings People died
Is PPE the New Cladding because people are dying. 15 weeks to prepare and still the real heroes are dying due to ineffective PPE
Pretty sure they should be held to Account
But Pretty sure they won’t it’ll be years after that the reckoning will be crushed under the
Government Run public Inquiry.

HH stay safe 🙏


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...Till The Fat Lady Sings
So Wuhan is open for business again
And plans are being made by Europe's main men
To get businesses open so people can spend.
But our leader's laid up, not quite on the mend
On the UK cabinet we must then depend.
So the question for them is quite simply this?
Do you have a solution to this hellish crisis?
Things were real bad but you dealt with Isis.
But nothing's as bad as this virus is!
Can we quickly find a means to delay,
The spread of this virus throughout the UK?
And award NHS staff a less arduous day.
And perhaps we'll return to a normalised way.
When will our economy get back on track?
Many businesses closed, will they ever be back?
And what of the homeless who sleep in a sack..
Can you give us an answer via your Applemac?
Can the health service cope with unprecedented demand?
They might if everyone gave them a hand
By staying true to commit to the rules
And not go outdoors and acting like fools.
By keeping your distance and showing compliance
For goodness sake, its not rocket science!

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