Embdy heard fae Kyogo??

John nó

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As Ange is a very intelligent manager, I would have thought he half expected he could well be without kyogo for the next 4 league matches that will go a long way in our destiny for the title.
Also has never made any complaints yet when having to still play so many games so far with so many key players missing in so many games so far this season.
The current squad imo has a better and stronger look about it with more versatility about it as a potential 3412 than the 433 mainly used to date.
With that in mind, allows us to be in possible better shape with a kyogo and jota missing than we have been so far this season.
The current game does depend upon squad depth and think it is something that Ange would have addressed during the winter break and believe he has with the jap imports bought in, either way still confident enough we will be OK

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