Gareth McAuley


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McAuley is a bitter Ulster Scot. Arsehole by shite out of bum. Nothing he says is of any consequence. A has been that never was or could be.The money he took from Sevco will hasten their demise. A bitter Hun playing to the bitter gallery. Bitterness all around. Loving their pain and demise (again).
To the bitter lurkers GIRFUY. Ten is coming to a team near you.

the great jc

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Who is Gareth McCauley?
Another hun donkey bastard.

........awwww pleeeeeease......I sincerely hope so ......I hope they put an asterisk on EVERY 9 in a row flag and every league table in every newspaper published with the message below....and at the bottom of the 9iar flag stating......see asterisk.....

* This is Celtic's SECOND time of winning 9IAR in 46 years.

Their asterisk is a great idea, a big clap and thank you to all who suggested an asterisk on our flag....๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

It's Loud and clear.


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