Good luck Aiden


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There鈥檚 a warrant oot fir his arrest, for failure to show in court over a domestic case with his ex, next time we see him in this country it will be in handcuffs 馃摳馃槺馃摳馃槺
the police are looking for him

the same police looking for the george sq riots
while standing right in front of them

knew a criminal who was once on the most wanted list a buisnessman ,he used to fly into glasgow airport from spain every 3 months go to his business premises pick up his cash stay a fortnight then get a flight home

stokes can rest easy ,,,,,,they couldn't find there arse in the dark


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I hope he dont get the 'Hibs Curse'.....and end up like Griff, Riorden or O'conner... :rolleyes:

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