HAIL HAIL Where we all from?

Born and raised in Forgewood, moved to North Motherwell.
Went to OLHS left and joined the Merchant Navy. Now retired in my 60's living the dream in Issan, Thailand with big bikes, a beautiful Thai wife and 5 big dogs.
Miss Celtic, never miss the bigoted West of Scotland
Cmon now Tommy, nobody moves TO North Motherwell.... ;-)


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Please to meet you comrade as I am from fairhill hamilton but we all have one thing in common our love for the hoops hail hail
Full Disclosure - I am less interested in the team performance than I am in the treatment and interests of Celtic fans and supporters. I was not born into a Celtic supporting family, but after witnessing the shitty maltreatment of Celtic fans and of the team itself I bought into a cause.

We are more than a club....and we welcome all without favour!

Hail Hail

michael duffy

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Hail Hail Bhoys & Ghirls, just wanted to say thaks for the 'add' and hoping to enjoy some good banter with worldwide tims
I'm in Western Canada...where are the rest of you checking in from ?
from sunny riddrie in Glasgow,via London.berlin,brussels, Amsterdam,paris,galway,sligo,leitrim and Roscommon!!! tough bein a musician! HH