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Once auld Betty finally pops her clogs then they will just do what they did with Prince Phillip and copy "Weekend At Bernies" where a couple of lackies just shuffle about holding up her body pretending she is still alive.

They will be either side of her dragging her about and working her arm so it looks like she is doing that stupid wave to the adoring crowds - seeing as that is all she seems to have done for the last 4 decades then that is a fairly easy scam to pull off.

The thing is that Charles, Andrew, Di, Harry, etc, are just carrying on as that lot have for centuries - it is just that these days we are made aware of it and are not prepared to accept it. I bet they wish they'd been born in another era when they could have hoored it up in absolute luxury like all their predecessors.

I can't see anything being done about it when we are still part of the UK though.
They’re still hoorin it up noo still takin from the public Purse. Still leaching from everything they can Jesus wept they were selling extortionate Electronics from Shitehoose to the poor before it shut £290 Tv actually cost £14000 that might be on the low side a disgrace to the poorest people who long May she rain shite on.
Go back to Germany where they belong a benefit from Brexit.

HH 😒

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Have I actually read this bollocks correctly, praising dipsticks at throwing away 100M to still remain skint with nothing but a pile of shit to show for your 100M 🤔
Sounds like a very easy attempt to fill the empty spaces between a huns ears with more shit to me.
So for 100M you pay 25p in shares, that by all accounts are worth 1p, so your 100M is only worth about 4M now, great investment that sounds.
Throw in the pile of shit that remains in the club, that all together still ain't worth as much as kyogo, sounds like great investment also.
So in theory, for your 100M you are still trying to operate while basically bankrupt yet again 🤔
Now that will be the investment worth celebrating when it's actually confirmed soon enough 😂
This is £100m John we know about and we also know at some stage the investors have to be paid.We also know they still have Big Mike to settle up with and also the loans from the SPFL and the Government,even paying back £10m per year they still remain in debt for at least 10 years
They are reported to be losing £1m per month so the statement Robertson made lasy year was another confetti ploy to get the gullibles to buy more shares.
The statement from Robertson was short and sweet,,This time next year we will be in profit.
What I am wondering about todays statement is why go viral with it,why not keep it in-house like they do with everything else,are they gearing up for another share issue.
There must be 5 or 6 gullibles who still need to top up on shares..

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Still not going to cover the debts boab, as everything is solely based upon gaining CL money for a number of years to reduce the overall debt that has been mounted still.
Obviously a reduction in the wage bill is well under way now, but until the overall debt as it currently stands, and anyone's guess upon what the actual figures are, but the continued raising of shares for confetti says it must still remain huge that would take years to reduce to start trading as a solvent company still
3 players who are crippling the sevco wage structure the Jamaican guy Roof,the English guy Lundstrom, £45000 and £35000 and wee Alfs 30 bob for his ginger and crisps..
They are reportedly trying to of load both of them,,,Alf is an on going transfer as we know
somewhere around the £30m mark.
Alf is on £33000,,£113000 for 3 wages,slippy has a lot to answer for..



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Is it not about time someone in government/political parties, had a grown up discussion about the monarchy, and should we still have them…..time to have a vote on the future of the monarchy,
Do we still need them?
Do we still want them?
Why are we constantly embarrassed by them?

With her majesty oan her last legs and unlikely to last another 5 years, we could bring it to a “natural“ end with her death.
I for one have no desire to see the adulterous racist, Charles sitting on the throne.
We shud round the fuckers up and burn them at the stake or even better stick the stake up there arse them burn them 🤷‍♂️ just a wee suggestion

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