Huns New Manager Has Entered the Building


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Good I'm glad they got him well done The Rangers
The fans are happy and you've the manager they wanted
He was identified as the best out there and you got him.
No doubt he will be installed as the greatest living manager in Scotland no that slippy has gone.
You do what you need to do we're Celtic we'll keep on backing Ange and the team
Remember when your media said he knew nothing about football and would be lucky to finish fourth
Hows those predictions working out?

See if we win the league I don't want any excuses that it was because you got McInnis in or one of the others.
I want us to win it fair and square against the best you've got.

I want to see how long before the crowd turn on their hero

I want to laugh as you go under properly this time
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When they go into liquidation when the cash runs out then there will a lot of unsecured creditors who will lose everything. Massive losses are masked by directors and like a conjuring trick it's easy to be distracted by a new boss who will no doubt be proclaimed as the Messiah. But he cannot change the financial equation, Expenditure still exceeds Income by $3,000,000 a month. Economics 101 in a crisis. Expenditure needs to be reduced and income needs to be raised. I cannot see a way to do either of these options.
The face painter! Again! 😿


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Gerard was a name to sell season tickets but he was provided with a coaching staff and loadsamoney. Van Brookside is a name to keep the season ticket holders from losing their shit but he has no coaching staff and no money.
This is the only man who could have saved Sevco



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GvB has just said they do not need to sell players in January. FFS. Of course they do. Does he not understand what an existential threat means. It means a threat of no longer existing.

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